Simplifying Medicare Part C So You Can Focus On What Matters

Welcome to, your unbiased source for information and news updates. Getting older isn’t easy, especially when it comes to choosing health insurance. From retiree benefits to veteran coverage, you may have a variety of plan options and no idea where to start in sorting them out. Medicare, the federal program designed primarily for seniors, offers a convenient and affordable source of health insurance as you age. But it, too, can be confusing since there are actually four parts to the program.

Original Medicare refers to Parts A (hospital coverage) and B (medical coverage). Added in 2003 as a supplemental option, Part D covers prescription drugs. And then there’s Medicare Part C, the subject of this site. Part C is also called Medicare Advantage. It’s the private version of original Medicare. Though it still receives funding from the federal government, Part C is administered and sold by private companies. Think of it as you would a regular health plan, such as the kind you have through work.

We created this site to help you explore the details of Medicare Advantage, which we’ll refer to as Part C from time to time. However, you should know that the government runs its own website on Medicare, which you should check out if you’re interested in firsthand information about the program. is the definitive authority on Medicare.

That said, we hope you’ll find this website useful as you learn about your options for getting covered once you turn 65. Government-run sites may be factual and authoritative, but that doesn’t always make them easy to use or understand. That’s where we come in.

Why should you trust us?

Unlike other websites with similar content and themes, isn’t run by licensed insurance brokers who are motivated by commissions, quotas and favored partners. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, but we wanted to offer something different. We believe that people like you benefit from unbiased information when exploring a hefty topic like Medicare Advantage. We also believe that offering a wider range of choices – every option approved by Medicare, in fact – maximizes our value and usefulness in the Part C market.

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