About MedicarePartC.com

Welcome to MedicarePartC.com, the leading source for information, vital healthcare updates and most importantly, access to the largest selection of Medicare insurance plans available. Why should we be your choice for Medicare insurance enrollment or changing plans?

There are many reasons but the most important distinction between MedicarePartC.com.com and other websites is that we are not a licensed insurance agency or broker. Could we be? Sure, but we choose not to be one because of the advantages it brings to you the consumer.

In most cases insurance brokers and agents don’t have the ability to offer you every available plan, simply because there are thousands to choose from. An agent or broker will only offer you the plans that pay them for enrollments.

At MedicarePartC.com, every plan that is approved by Medicare is made available to you either through a licensed agent that we will connect you to through the phone number listed or through an online shopping marketplace of plans. This allows us to remain unbiased in terms of what plans you see on our website. We believe that by offering the widest selection of options we are better serving our customers. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in clothing, so why should your options be limited when it comes to your health insurance? We are all unique individuals, and what might be a great plan for me personally might not be a good choice for you.

We have found that placing a priority on each individual, client-specific needs, over maximizing short-term profits, is the best way to operate. Additionally, the people who started MedicarePartC.com.com firmly believe that if you treat others how you would want to be treated, you’ll keep the respect and loyalty of your customers forever.

In closing, from everyone at MedicarePartC.com, thank you. We appreciate your time and consideration. Our website constantly updates information and you always have the option to call our toll-free number and speak with a licensed healthcare professional directly, who can answer any of your questions.