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How To Compare Medicare Advantage Plans

Once you start looking at different Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans, you’ll start to see some differences in what’s covered and how much it costs. However, you also have to think about your healthcare needs. And, you need to consider what you want to be able to do with your Medicare benefits.
The costs of a Medicare Advantage plan are typically less than that for adding supplemental coverage and paying for Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) premiums. But that’s not always the case, as this depends on your income. These costs also factor in how much you contributed to Medicare taxes throughout your work history.
If you want to compare Medicare Advantage plans, you should always look at these six things:

These questions are only a few that need to be answered when you first start comparing Medicare Advantage plans. has a quick comparison tool that lets you check out different plans and compare benefits easily. For a more in-depth comparison of these plans, this online guide will walk you through each part of a Medicare Part C Plan.

1. What type of plan is it – HMO, PPO or PFFS?

Most Medicare Advantage plans break down into HMO, PPO or PFFS plans.
HMO means health maintenance organization. You must pick a primary care physician. You cannot see out-of-network doctors or facilities without paying out of pocket. In general, HMOs are less expensive than PPOs.
PPO means preferred provider organization. You can pick your own doctors and medical facilities with these plans. And, you can also go out-of-network. These plans generally have higher costs if you do go out of network.
PFFS means Private Fee-For-Service. Any doctor or medical facility can be in your network if they accept your plan. These plans generally cost a little bit more.
Based on services, flexibility and cost, you may want to pick one type of plan over the other. This will narrow your search results greatly. HMOs are better if you are just trying to manage your health. But if you have a need for a specialist or want specific healthcare coverage, you should pick a PPO., a website owned by Health Network Group, LLC, markets products underwritten by National Health Insurance Company, Integon National Insurance Company and Integon Indemnity Corporation. Health Network Group National Health Insurance Company, Integon National Insurance Company and Integon Indemnity Corporation are all related companies under National General Holdings Corp.

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