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Medicare Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage Explained

Medicare Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage explained

Medicare is a type of health insurance that the federal government offers to people who are 65 years of age or older. It is also provided to certain younger people who suffer from disabilities and others who suffer from fatal diseases.
There are different types of Medicare coverage, including Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D.

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Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage is offered to everyone who has Medicare. Therefore, in order for an individual to be eligible for Medicare Part D, he or she must first have basic Medicare coverage.
When people enroll in Medicare, they can opt for the prescription drug coverage plans. But if they choose not to do so initially, they could end up having to pay more later on, if they decide that they want the coverage down the road. They might even have to pay a late payment penalty.

How do I get Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage?

Individuals who want to get Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage must join a plan that is run by a private company or a Medicare-approved insurance company. There are different types of Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage plans. The cost of the each plan depends upon the plan type and the drugs covered under that plan. Generally, though, there are two types of Medicare Part D coverage plans:

  1. Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) are those that simply add prescription drug coverage to Original Medicare. These types of plans can also add prescription drug coverage to some Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plans, some Medicare Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plans and some Medicare Cost Plans.
  2. Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans are simply Medicare Part C Plans. They provide people with hospital insurance, medical insurance and prescription drug coverage; all are covered through their plans. Not all MA Plans come with this coverage. In order to get this type of coverage, individuals must have both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B through their providers.

Joining a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

People who want to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan can only do so during the appropriate times. During these specific times, people are allowed to sign up for Medicare drug plans or make changes to existing coverage. W
When people first enroll in Medicare, they are given the option to enroll in Medicare Part D coverage. However, the time frame that they are allotted to enroll depends upon their individual circumstances. Examples include the following:

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What drugs do Medicare Prescription Drug Plans cover?

The drugs that are covered under Medicare prescription drug plans depend on the plan’s formulary, is the list of covered drugs. Most Medicare prescription drug plans place drugs into different tiers on their formularies. The drug’s tier affects its cost. Generally, drugs in higher tiers cost more than drugs in lower tiers. In some cases, physicians may believe that patients need a higher-tier drug. Should that occur, patients can ask their prescription drug plan providers for exceptions; this may reduce the copayments on their prescriptions.

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Medicare Part D plan finder

The types of prescriptions drug plans available to enrollees varies, depending upon their location. The drug selection may also depend on your individual Medicare information. The Medicare website offers individuals a plan finder tab. This allows users to search for and compare various prescription drug plans offered in their areas.
There is even a customizable search that allows users to input their Medicare card numbers, dates of birth, effective Medicare Part A coverage dates and locations. Entering this information provides users with more accurate cost estimates of Medicare Part D prescription plans. . The costs of such plans vary, based upon individual information, as well as location and coverage type.
Getting prescriptions is a common part of going to the doctor. For people who have monthly, recurring prescriptions, it might be beneficial for them to invest in a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan.
Individuals may have previously opted out of Medicare Part D coverage when they initially enrolled in Medicare. But now, they realize that they need this coverage. If so, they can enroll in a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan during the general enrollment period offered to all Medicare holders every year.
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